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 NHS inducted nine new members on April 10. We are pleased to welcome these new members into the National Honors Society. These students have earned a 3.33 or higher cumulative GPA, and they also demonstrate exemplary leadership, service, and character. 


This past Spring Break our High School Senior, Zachary S. had the opportunity to go on a mission trip with some of his fellow Young Life friends to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is located in Central America and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Zach flew to Nicaragua and was able to stay in the home of a Young Life leader that leads in his town in Nicaragua.  His host, Nesly, did not speak any English so Zach and his two other friends had a difficult time making connections with the native, but were able to do so and have a good time. The next day, the group traveled to the only Young Life Camp that is in Nicaragua to work on the camp for whatever they needed done. The camp’s ultimate goal was to expand the number of kids that the camp can hold because they were having problems with not being able to hold enough kids.  Zach’s primary working project was working on a building that would be used to store gravel, rock, and sand so that the expanding construction could start this summer.  He spent most of his time mixing and making cement, cutting cement blocks, and placing and mortaring the blocks into place.  He really enjoyed his time there and had a lot of fun learning Spanish and joking around with the natives. Zach would like to encourage students to come to Southeastern’s Young Life Club Thursday morning at 6:45 at Gilbert’s youth center in South Charleston. Kids are served a free breakfast and play some fun and crazy games before heading off to school.

Congratulations to Southeastern freshman Z. Biddle for winning the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Contest sponsored by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.  Biddle, her parents, and Principal Bertemes attended the Awards Ceremony during which Ms. Biddle read her winning essay.  In addition, Biddle’s winning essay, advocating for justice through immigration reform, is framed and displayed in the Rhodes State Office Tower

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

-Martin Luther King, Jr. 



Southeastern Junior and Senior High School participates in a random drug testing program.  Any student that plans on participating in any extra curricular activities must be enrolled in the program.  This would included athletics, dances, plays, and parking on school property. 

Enrollment consist of filling out the consent form and the payment of $10.00.  The form is available at the link below.  Payment can be made to Mr. Bell during physicals or after Aug. 1. 

Click here for the consent form.

Athletes that have turned in their packets for the 2013-2014 school year have already filled out the consent form.  The $10.00 payment must be made before the first scrimmage or contest.



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